DAY 53 - We Have A Sign!

We finally have a sign... a sign of good things to come too hopefully! We had a phone call on Tuesday 12th April from the project manager at Homestead to confirm that our site was ready for them to start whenever they liked. This made it all worth while getting in with the sub-base before we were asked to do it! I asked him the question that everyone asks (and he knew it was coming too...) When will they be starting? The response I got was... Should be sometime next week.

We are not holding our breath however, because we can't really see the point in them starting until after Easter. We certainly won't complain though if they do start before :-)

We also then had a introductory phone call from our site supervisor, which was really nice and he seems like a nice genuine bloke. We will be back in contact with him once our slab is poured...

Hopefully not too far away now...

DAY 45 - Sub-Base Down

We decided that we would get the sub-base put down before our builder asked us to. This means that our part of the deal is done and its just time to wait for the builder. Getting close now...

DAY 38 - Selections Signed Off

Five weeks on after our selections appointment and we finally signed off (Wednesday 30th March). We had many many adjustments, changes and additions, which was expected. We were frustrated during the process in terms of the time it was taking, however looking back on it, 5 weeks was really a pretty good turnaround for a custom build design.

At this stage we will be very lucky to have a slab by Easter, but we could see trenches being dug in maybe two weeks time.