Contract Signed

So last Friday (19-11-2010) we went into Homestead Head Office to finally sign our contract! So we should hopefully have our bank pack within about 2 weeks. We are at this stage hoping to get into council before Christmas... Fingers crossed...


Well today (16-11-2010) we received a copy of our yellows! (See below)

We had a few extra changes that we made last week, robe provision to bedroom 2 moved, stairs to garage moved (wouldn't have been able to fit a big car in) and  the front entrance door modified to a pivot door.

Tomorrow we are booked in to sign the building contract at 1pm! Can't wait!

Pre Approval

Well today the bank delivered its verdict...


This is fantastic news as we now don't have the worry about removing bits and pieces from the house to bring the cost down. So today after hearing from the bank we contacted Homestead to put our last lot of changes in and we decided to get them to go straight to yellows. We were told that as the changes weren't structural, they would not take too long to do and our sales consultant was hoping to get the plans back by the end of this week (12-11-2010), if not early next week. Contract signing is next... YAY!

Plan Number 3

So we received the 3rd drafting of our plans (below) a few days ago and typical of us, we rang our salesman to make a few more changes, but they were already completed. So this means our FINAL plans are another draft away. On the other hand we received our updated pricing estimate, which our salesman worked on very late the same night the plans came in. So we thought it would be very wise to check with our bank to see if we can borrow the required amount before we get the absolute final changes done to the plan.

I have also included a copy of the elevation plans.

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