DAY 5 - Site Scrape Progress Picture

All cuts are now complete, just a bit of soil to go yet. We have completed the cuts for both the house and for landscaping at the back of the site. Next week we will be commencing preparation work (post holes) for retaining walls.

DAY 4 - Site Scrape Progress Picture

DAY 3 - Site Scrape Progress Picture

DAY 2 - Site Scrape Progess Picture

DAY 1 - Site Scrape Begins and Selections Day

It all begins with DAY 1 - the site scrape. It has been a long journey and a stressful one at that. You may be asking why and how we have day 1 on the same day as selections...

This is because we are taking a pretty massive risk. Our site works contractor needed to complete our job by March, so we begged and pleaded with council to let us do site works and NOTHING else before we got full development approval. The risk being that there is still a very SLIM chance that there will be a request for a bench level to be altered. If this happens, we will have to foot the bill to correct it and that will not be cheap. On the other hand, we have saved a bucket load of money by doing site works and soil removal externally. It was a risk we are willing to take.

Selections went well, completed in 3 hours. We had a good idea what we wanted to do, but there was one other group of 4 people (what the???) doing their selections at the same time. Their servers were also down so we had to do a manual selection process instead of computer. Basically we were upgrading with not much idea of cost, so it will be interesting to see the outcome. Only drama we had, which isn't too big was the roof material. We changed our mind from last plans to go Colorbond instead of Tiles, however today we found out that it would take about an extra month as the plans and estimation needed to be modified AND it would have to go back through council. This was not an option as that increased our risk of a bench level change, so we conceded defeat and went tiles.

So the excitement is finally here and it is great to finally see some action on our block! Below are the pictures of the progress made on Day 1.

Site Works Beginning TOMORROW!

Well... After what feels like an eternity of paperwork and phone calls, we decided that we would go ahead with completing our site works externally to Homestead. We received a phone call today from our Earthworks Contractor stating that he would like to commence the work tomorrow.

Let the fun begin! 7 months on from our first signing and we are finally here. It has felt like an eternity, but now we are at this stage, it feels somewhat sudden.

The following picture is of our block of land, the day before work begins...

1st Part Of Council Approval and Selections Time!

This week on Monday 14th Feb we received a letter from Council informing us that our plans have been approved through planning assessment.

We then had a phone call from Homestead on Wednesday 16th of Feb to arrange a time to go into head office for selections. So we are all booked in for Monday 21st Feb.

To Essa Stone or not to Essa Stone, that is the question...