DAY 93 - Frame!

Well today, surprisingly our frame was started in the rain. We also had our first meeting with our site supervisor, which was very comforting knowing that he is a nice bloke, and had been in charge of many of the split level houses in our development. He informed us that from slab pour to completion is typically 24 weeks, which gives us a rough completion date of 27th of October, so lets see how accurate this is!

It is great to finally be moving upwards, gives us a better perception of space and it is beautiful!


DAY 83 - Split without form work

DAY 81 - Second Slab Pour

DAY 68 - 75 - First Slab Pour

We were away for this week so we are unsure of the timing. However we are guessing the slab pour probably happened on Day 71 or 72 as the form work for the split was up on Day 75 when we came home.


DAY 67 - Plastic and Reinforcement

DAY 66 - Plumbing

April 27th - Plumbing for all waste water and drainage behind the split was installed.


DAY 65 - Trenches

Well its been a while since the last update, so here comes all the news and alot has happened!

Day 65 - April 26th is the official start date for our builder and also the day our trenches were done and completed. The best part of it was that they took all of the excess dirt from it too at no extra cost to us or the builder!