It's Been A While

Well it has now been two months since our last post... Been a bit slack with updates over the Christmas/New Year period. Here is the list of what has happened:

Friday 17th December - Received approval from encumbrances (land developers) and were informed by Homestead that everything was sent off to council. We also met with the Bank to start the ball rolling for approval, which at this stage we are hearing that it has been approved.

Tuesday 21st December - Rang Council to check that our application was received, which it was and we were told a rough time of 7 weeks until approval.

Wednesday 5th January - Went to Beaumont Tiles for our selections, which are as follows

Bathroom & Laundry Walls - Obelis Sand Gloss 300x600
Bathroom & Laundry Floors - Obelis Sand Semi-Gloss 300x300
Both of the above are with Travertine Grout
Kitchen - Mosaic Spectrum Black Pin Wall 100x100 with white grout
Porch Areas - Habitat Charcoal CB-Porc Textured 297x297 with charcoal grout
At this stage we have only opted for the standard wall heights for tiling due to the high upgrade costs, but we are really hoping that we can go for floor to ceiling tiling in the bathroom areas.

Thursday 6th January - We went to Austral Bricks for selections, which are as follows

Brick Upgrade to the entire house - Governors Range - King
Roof - Colorbond - Monument
Facias - Paperbark
Gutter - Monument
Windows - Paperbark
Panel Door - Monument

We are also investigating private site works. Reason being that we have at least 718t of spoil to remove from site. We have a contractor that can take our dirt with no dump fee, so we would like to use him for our site works as well. This will be much easier than trying to coincide site works with soil removal on the same day but with 2 different contractors.

Will keep updating our blog more promptly from now on so there isn't as much to read.