DAY 131 - Oops...


So... We have been looking at the finished product that is our Portico and could not work out why it didn't look right. Until we looked at our plans and we saw in great big writing that there is to be a 100mm Eave to the Portico... Ooops!

Our supervisor is now away for a week and we were told our gyprock is going on next week, so not sure what will happen yet, but I can't imagine anything will happen next week.

Just a tad bit of a screw up by the chippies, but you can't be perfect every time!

DAY 130 - Bricks Complete


WOW... the bricks are complete and the look fantastic! The mortar is still drying so they look a little bit patchy, will put more pics up in a week when its dried out a bit more. Also had the sparky in there today starting 1st fix. Its all happening now!

DAY 129 - Bricks in Action


Nearly done... the brickies finished the right side of the house today and got all the window seals done. Only have the portico and the front of the house left. Our roof windows were also installed today, they will have the ceiling vaulted up to them in the activity room.

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings...

DAY 128 - Bricks in Action


The Brickies only had half a day at our house today, but they still got heaps done. They nearly finished the meals/family area, got more of the right side done and some of the front done.

DAY 127 - Bricks in Action


Today they completed the bricks at the back of the house, started around the meals/family area and the right side of the house.

DAY 124 - Bricks in Action


Today the completed the left side of the house, got half the back of the house done and bricked the garage pillars. Man these guys work fast.

DAY 123 - Bricks in Action


Garage wall bricked and half the left side done.

DAY 122 - Bricks Started


Today was the start of our bricks, we got there a bit late to take any pics but had a good chat to the brickies. The bricks looked good from what we could see, they are still wet so cant get the true idea just yet. Guess we will just have to wait and see...

DAY 114 - Roof Tiling Complete


The tiling was finished today and it looks so good. Its so nice to have some shelter from the rain when we look at the house.

DAY 111 - Bricks Delivered


Yay... Have been waiting for the bricks to arrive and they final have, they look awesome (if I don't say so myself). They tiles are moving along at a good pace, think they should be done in a few days.

DAY 108 - Roof Tiles Started


Today they started stacking the roof tiles at the back of the house and they even managed to start the family/meals area. However this wet weather we have been having may hold the works up